Not Summer Yet

Once again it is a Bank Holiday and yet again it is cold, damp and windy here in the North West of the UK. Right now it is just about 10 degrees (50 in US Dollars).

Way back in March we had a whole spring-like week and we were even exposed to a strange yellow orb in the sky which I am reliably informed by the elders of the community is called the sun.

Walking about in the town today most shops (other than the charity shops) were shut, yet most of the town population were out and about keeping warm. I expect it is too expensive to put on central heating boilers for most around here. I did feel sorry for the man in shorts though.

Way back in the 1950’s, when I was at school, I recall that the heating used to be turned off at the end of April not to be turned on again until mid-October, whatever the weather. In my recollection it used to be sweltering at this time of year.

Never mind. I will stay inside tomorrow, wrapped up in my jumper and tartan blanket and keep warm by the glow of my PC and watch Miranda’s Kittens on Livestream.


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