I am not Feeling Myself

I woke up this morning with a strange taste in my mouth.

As I cleaned my teeth I glanced at the mirror. It dawned on me that my reflection was different. It was me but somehow something was different.

It was my hair. It was thicker, darker, not so grey. I looked younger, maybe a decade younger. Not how I used to look, but a younger version of me.

I looked around the bathroom and it too was different. The walls were no longer panelled but painted pale blue. The plumbing too had changed and the shower far more inviting.

I showered and checked out my body. Even my physique had changed for the better.

Jenny, my wife called out “how long are you going to be in there John”?

John? Nobody had called me John since I was a child, just teachers and my parents when I had been naughty. My middle name is Milton and I have been called Milt or Milty by my friends and relations since I was a toddler.

I dried myself down using these wonderful silky soft towels.

As I went back into the bedroom Jenny was sitting at her dressing table brushing her hair. She looked beautiful, how she had looked before the chemotherapy!

I smiled broadly and she promptly reflected my smile and asked what was making me so unusually happy? She was whole again, the mastectomy undone. She was no longer a breast cancer victim.

I looked at the radio alarm and there the date and time was clearly displayed. 2nd April 2017, 07:54. Absolutely correct.

The rest of Sunday evolved and I went with the flow but in more than a bit of a daze. We lunched with my brother Harry and his widow Mary. Sorry that sounds a bit strange. You see as my big brother Harry had a massive heart attack on holiday with Mary in the Maldives back in 2013. He died. So I realised something had gone very awry with my reality.

In the afternoon I went to my study (happily unchanged) and searched the web for something that would give me clue as to what was happening. Finding nothing relevant I returned to our bedroom and closed my eyes and started to cry. This was too wonderful, all the things I had wished for, my wife whole again, my brother here again. I was in heaven.

I awoke to Jenny dabbing my forehead with a cool, damp face towel.

You gave us quite a scare Milty.


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