Speaking as an Outsider …

I now know two things for certain.

She insisted I took a paternity test.  My DNA and the baby’s were tested and the results arrived today.

Well I am not the father, and that is proven.  That pressure is finished with.  In a way I am sad because that little baby is gorgeous and I would have been proud to have been her father.

At parties I used to use a chat up line or two which used to break the ice, and set me up as the village comedian.  I would walk up to a stranger and ask “As an outsider, what do you think of the human race”?  For some strange reason that would get a laugh every time, even though it is implicitly an insult.

Well now I have the answer to that question whenever someone tries the same question out on me.

You see the DNA test showed that I am indeed an outsider.

I am not a human being.


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