The Invention

The idea came to me in a flash.  “Of course” the voice in my head said “of course is has to be that shape”.

I woke up and tried to draw what I had dreamt about.  The bin was full within the hour, I just could not put on paper the image that was so clear to me in my dream.

I shaved and showered, and went downstairs and joined the children in the kitchen.  They were getting ready for school and their mother, my wife, had made each of them a delicious lunch and placed it safely in their satchels.

I demolished my bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, drank my grapefruit juice and washed it all down with my favourite Gold Blend.

Heather left for work, having given me the traditional peck on the cheek as she took herself and the chThe Inventionildren to Wilsons’ High.

Having a wife who is a teacher is great, except when you have no longer got a job.  I had been made redundant seven months before this.

They said it was the job that was made redundant not me.  But it is me who has the problem finding not the job!

I have the three degrees (not a musical group thank you).  My first Bachelors degree was in Physics and my Masters was in Cybernetics.  I took a Geophysics degree when I was in my 30’s and got a 1st Class Honours.

But at 49 I am out of work and nobody wants to employ me.  I got forced to take a job with a Supermarket by the Jobcentre but they released me gently from employment after just three days.  I apparently was not there to use my abilities, I was employed to stack the shelves.  I am sure that if they had listened to me they would have improved sales.  But I guess I made my supervisor uncomfortable.

Anyway after breakfast I went back to the room we called my study to continue my job search.

I got to thinking about my dream again, and again attempted to draw my invention.  In my dream it was the perfect answer to the problem.  If only I could draw it.

What should I call it?

Have you any ideas?  If you can think of a name for it I would be grateful.  I will publish the drawing as soon as it is complete.

Anyhow, I must go now, I have to look for a job.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.




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