The Invincible Man

In 1785 I was executed following my apparent accusation against my King, George III.

I find it hard to recall if this was the first time I lost my life, all I can say for sure is that my life has ceased many times since.

Yesterday I underwent an operation on my heart and I did not make it.  The surgeon declared me dead at 11:12 am following a major bleed.

Today I find myself at a desk in an office processing a life insurance claim.  How ironic.  I am married to a lady called Charlie, and have 2 small daughters Claire and Helen.   If I recall George III also married a lady called Charlotte which is Charlie’s real name.

My memory is more fallible these days, I have to remember so much.  I have had so many lives.

The oldest I have ever lived to is 68 but I have only been a teenager the once.  The first time.  My current body is 35 years old and given that I have only ever survived 35 years I suspect I may even break my record this time and see 70!

I always come back as a man, which for an adventurer such as me it is a little bit frustrating.

At each incarnation I “join” an existing man and inherit his life, complete with his memories and personality and unfortunately his problems.

My shortest life was back in 1891 when I became a thief and was hanged for my host’s crimes barely a month into my visit.  My host was also a bigamist so I was relieved to move on that time.

Forgive me but Charlie is not the most beautiful of the wives I have had.  I find being in love with my host’s wives difficult, even though I inherit their memories I also inherit their problems.  My current host is confused.  He is fond of Charlie but even if he declares his love to her daily, deep down he knows he is lying.

I find this confusing, more confusing indeed than in any previous lives I have shared.  Still it is going home time soon and I can sleep on it.

Another day and I now understand the problem.  I am having an affair.  Evie works in HR and she is very different to Charlie.  We have engineered it so that we both have to visit to the Edinburgh offices every Wednesday and stay overnight at the Airport Novotel in conveniently adjacent rooms booked by HR.

We conveniently fly to Edinburgh and share a hire car.  This was how we got together last in the first place last May.  Nobody suspects us.

Evie is also married.  To Paul.  Paul travels a lot in his job and I had never met him until today apparently.  Evie and I had a meal at our favourite Indian and went straight to her room last night.  As usual at 7:15 we went downstairs and had breakfast and that is where we bumped into him.  It was a surprise to all of us.

Paul was travelling to a conference in Glasgow and his plane had been diverted to Edinburgh because of snow at Glasgow.  Brightly he had taken the opportunity to surprise his wife.  It surprised me too.

Now who am I?


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