It’s About Time

Wish me luck.  I am about to go on an epic journey.

I have been planning today’s trip forward in time all my life.  Everything I have done, everything I have said and written has brought me to this point.

I will soon be 68.  To some that is pretty old, to others I am still a spring chicken.  I have not achieved as much in my life as I hoped for when I left University in 1968.  Then I had ambition and now I am retired.  My 3 children have each had far more successful careers than me and I am delighted in sharing their successes.

I am married, and have been for a quarter of a century – three times longer than I was married to the mother of my children.

I do not yet know what I will find on my journey into the future, nor can I yet report it here as I have not yet learned how to travel back in time.  I suspect too that I will never learn that or I would be reporting it here!

So off I go.  My journey has started.

See you on the other side..


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