So Sayeth Sarah

Sarah was a sweet little girl of just five years of age. Each night her daddy, Michael, listened to her say her prayers.

“God Bless my, Mother, my Father, My Grandma and my Grandpa” she would say.

One night last year Michael was taken aback when Sarah said “God Bless my, Mother, my Father, My Grandma and bye bye Grandpa”. The next day her Grandpa passed away.

Michael was profoundly shocked by this coincidence.

Just one month later Sarah’s prayer changed again.

“God Bless my, Mother, my Father and bye bye Grandma”. The next day Grandma had a heart attack and she too passed away.

Up until the day before yesterday Sarah’s prayer was “God Bless my, Mother and my Father”.

But yesterday Sarah’s prayer again changed. “God Bless my Mother and bye bye Daddy”.

Yesterday, terrified that he too would die, Michael went to work and stayed in his office all day. He decided to stay at work into the early hours of this morning.

When he got home he explained to Sally, his wife, how terrible a day it had been yesterday.

Sally said “You think you had a bad day, yesterday the window cleaner fell off the ladder”.


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