Dungeons and Dragons

Lester Trevelyan could not fly.

Born out of wedlock, some said, so could not be a trueborn to the sword.

It is true that Lester did not look like his father, yet on the other hand he barely resembled his mother.  Both his parents had two blue eyes as did Lester, but his third eye was green not brown as theirs.

As the Trevelyan family served the King they too travelled the lands.  As a calf Lester did not cause his parents too much difficulty but now he was nearly a full-grown but was unable to fly.

The King, benevolent as he was, was tiring of the elaborate planning his servants indulged in at his expense so that they could remain within his service.

Lester knew that he must find a way to fly, for he too must serve the King or betray his parents and insult the Queen’s modesty.

The time was right and the location perfect.

Thistlenia Castle in the Queendom of Gradar was the King’s current Grand Rule.  The castle sat proudly on top of the Fourth Hill and looked down over Gradar and neighbouring Lamptor.  From there could be seen the Stronghold of Grandar and that is where Lester headed on his last day in that time.

The legend Lester had heard as a child was that the Stronghold of Grandar was home to the Last Dragon.  In the History of the World Lester had read that there were once mighty dragons from whom his own species, the Sword, had descended and the third eye and the ability to fly was evidence of that.

It was told that only the Sword of all the races in the world had the power of flight, but other races yet to be discovered, may have the third eye.

Lester feared he might be outcast once he was fully mature unless somehow he too acquired flight.

For his fellow Swords a visit to the Stronghold was a short flight away, but for Lester it was an arduous trot of several hours.

Lester chose his moment, and under the cover of waning moonlight he left Thistlenia Castle soon after midnight, and by the early hours he was outside the gatehouse of the Stronghold.

As he entered the Stronghold Lester became aware of strange light and an unfamiliar yet pleasant odour coming from an area he could just make out ahead of him.

The ground echoed under his hoofs so he trod carefully and approached the room that soon appeared in clear sight of his third eye.

He could now see the dragon and the dragon could see him.  Their six eyes met and they shared their thoughts.

“Rescue me”, the dragon pleaded “and I will travel with you back to the time when I had companions and where you can get the gift of flight.

“We dragons do not have given names like your species, but if it helps you, you may call me Ferida”.

Using all the energy he could muster, Lester broke the shackles that held the poor dragon prisoner.  She instructed Lester how hold onto her tail.  Lester clumsily at first climbed onto her tail and she trialled a flight around the Stronghold grounds.

Once they were both happy she flew off at some modest speed with Lester attached safely to her tail.  Assured that he was now ready she breathed fire and they were flying through time.

In what seemed like only minutes to Lester they were in a forest of tall red coloured pine trees.

Confusion slowly evaporated and she explained they were on the hill where Thistlenia Castle will be built.  All around were strange noises and as the red sun rose and lit the forest Lester spotted species of creature he had never set his eyes upon before.

Amongst them, however, were a number of juvenile Dragons and some Swords tending them.

Ferida led Lester to the group.  They thought together and the dragon from the future explained her mission to the assembly.  Some understood her explanations though most could not appreciate the journey through time.  A larger dragon joined the discussion.

He was excited by Ferida and by her story and agreed to travel back with her to a time before she was captured.  Together, they agreed to change things and make sure she was not captured and held prisoner at the Stronghold.

He then took Lester to a pond on the side of hill where sulphurous smoke punctured the otherwise rich atmosphere.  Lester cautiously drank the foul tasting water and fell slowly to sleep.

Two days later Lester awoke.  He had been tended to by his ancestors under the careful eye of Ferida and her companion.

The male dragon answered a number of questions Lester had and reassured him that he was ready.

Lester stood on all fours and raised his wings for the first time in his life.  Encouraged by his mentor Lester took a few ungainly steps and actually flew for a few seconds.

After four days of good grazing and lots of flying practice Lester had mastered the art of staying airborne and navigating from point to point.

The following day the three of them chose to return to their chosen times.  Lester, positioned between his two dragon friends who breathed fire as they all flew off.

Minutes later the two dragons abruptly said goodbye for now and flew back in time to undertake their mission.  Seconds later the three were together again outside Thistlenia Castle.

At the moment he had departed Lester Trevelyan flew into his delighted parents’ room.


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