Right to Strike?

The British Medical Association (BMA) confirmed Doctors will take industrial action over changes to their pension scheme starting on June 21.

Do I feel sorry for those poor doctors? Not really. They may have studied for several years to get their qualifications, and have had to work long hours for many years, but they are immensely well paid (judging by the cars in the local surgery and at our nearby hospital staff car park). I have had to contribute a greater larger percentage of my income throughout my career to earn a much smaller pension having not been a public servant, and I have never resorted to withdrawing my services.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said it all: “People know that pension reform is needed as people live longer … We have been clear that the NHS pension scheme is, and will remain, one of the best available anywhere.”

Nowadays family practitioners have been lower the service levels given to their customers. No longer do we get home visits, nor even do we have the option to go to the doctors waiting room to be seen by a doctor or nurse on the day’ surgery. We have to phone for an appointment and are always told that appointment slots for the next 2 weeks are all full so we need to ring “first thing” tomorrow to get an appointment for the next day that is available or an emergency appointment on the day. At 7:59 the answering machine is on, at 8:00 the number is engaged and by 8:07 all appointments have gone. If they take another day out on the 21st I fear my doctor will have retired before I ever get to see them again.


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