Not In My Back Yard?

After the tragic Fukushima accident caused the Japanese to re-think their power strategy they have now turned off of the last nuclear power station in Japan and have so lost 30 percent of their power capacity.

This makes me think that in the UK we should stop being NIMBYs and encourage the individual production of electrical power, literally in our back yards. We should be encouraged, indeed subsidised, to each generate individual or shared local electricity using whatever convenient technologies may locally apply.

Take my house, for example. I could use the roof to generate electricity and warm water using the, albeit limited, sunlight. I could have a modest sized wind generator mast in the garden or even use the water that flows in the nearby River Dane. I might not like the look of the apparatus, or indeed the noise it might create, but I do like to keep warm, to keep myself clean and fed, and to entertain myself using my electronics goods.

Am I alone in thinking like this?


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