A Banker & His Bonus

I have never understood the huge differentials between salaries at the top levels of and wages at the bottom. Even more so the bonuses.

However, to even consider paying such a huge bonus to an individual who has by his managerial actions helped relieve hundreds of his staff of their livelihoods, let small businesses flounder by pulling their overdraft facilities, and put up our bank charges beggars belief.

What is worse, we the British Taxpayer provide the money to pay him.

They could give him a Knighthood instead. At least we could take it back off him!


One thought on “A Banker & His Bonus

  1. I don’t know what life is like in Britain so I won’t pretend to do so. I will say this: Excrement slides downhill….. it always has and perhaps it always will but at some point, the pipes get clogged up and when it gets bad enough, all hell breaks loose. At different levels across the world, we’re watching it happen….. right now. America is certainly no exception.

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