IOS 5 3200 Blues

As promised Apple released the exciting IOS 5 update yesterday.

Like millions of other iPhone and iPad users I downloaded my updates within milliseconds of it being made available.

Just 6 hours later I had achieved my updates, but not before I had experienced the dreaded Error 3200 many times. Helpfully Apple give you a link to a web page which “tells” you what the error codes mean (did not include error 3200 though) and how to recover.

The key was a Twitter message which suggested that the error code was “too much traffic” so we should therefore continue to add to the traffic by trying again, and again, and again – until you got a positive result.

At one point I was the proud owner of an iPhone 3GS Brick, which I fortunately managed to restore eventually.

What I did discover is that there are 2 phases to the upgrade and you have to mate your iMachine with iTunes a second time to transfer the data and applications. Hence some Tweets which complained that “applications no longer work”.

One messy thing was that I had to sort of re-register my iTunes account to get iTunes working again.

But this morning all is fine.

So far.

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