Steve Jobs 1955 to 2011

In 1977 I met two Americans in Reading, England. I was working for a subsidiary of the computer company ICL.

I was working on a project called ITK which was shorthand for Intelligent Television Keyboard. With this tool we proposed that computer programmers using COBOL could work on their program development without tying up expensive mainframe time. We had the concept but no platform.

As the chief technical man I researched how we could do it. In the American magazine Byte I read about the Apple which sounded like a drop in for our requirement.

I invited the 2 gentleman to demonstrate their product to my management and we were shown their Apple II products which were in development. I do not recall for certain that the Steve I met that day was Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak and I believe the other man was called Mike.

The presentation went well; however, our marketing department did not think it could support an investment with what they referred to as “amateurs” so my project was killed!

I met Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in the early 1980’s at an exhibition meeting in Houston, Texas and then had the honour of visiting the Apple offices in Cupertino, California and met the developers of the Apple Lisa computer which later evolved into the Macintosh.

Rest in peace great man.


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