My Next New iPhone?

I am conveniently at the end of my O2 contract for my iPhone 3GS. Of course, soon after I bought it Apple brought out the iPhone 4 which was a distinct improvement, so I kicked myself for not waiting.

Yesterday morning I was certain I would be upgrading to the iPhone 5 as soon as possible after the announcement, so I was somewhat underwhelmed when I heard it was to be a revamp of the iPhone4 and not a new phone as such.

But now I have slept on it and am now seeing the iPhone4S as a front runner for my next phone and I will probably switch to Three to get better 3G coverage.

I hereby predict that I shall buy the “new” model and in less than 6 months it will be replaced by a new, all singing, all dancing, Simon Cowell sponsored iPhone 5.

Never mind I can look forward to replacing my next phone in 2 years’ time with an iPhone 5S.


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