See You Some Time

You probably know the feeling.

You see a car behind you in the rear view mirror and it is moving rapidly towards the rear of your car. An instant later there is are crashes like thunder and fireworks, and you are upside down with airbags blocking the view.

You hear the sound of emergency vehicles. They are coming for you.

Your brain hits replay and the whole incident appears in the video screen of your mind, back to front. You’re seeing it all as it appeared in the rear view mirror just minutes ago.

This time you see more detail. The blue VW Passat, newly registered according to the number plates, is being driven by a well-dressed, sales rep (he must be with a tie like that).

You can see his eyes, but they are not focussed on you, he is looking at something, is it the car’s dashboard?

He suddenly looks up and you can see fresh terror in his brown eyes as he is now focussing on your car. There is no sound accompaniment to this drama, no musical score, but you can really feel the noise.

The world is spinning over and over again and your head is trying to roll the other way, the seat belt is crushing your ribs and there is smoke as the bags suddenly surround you and block your view of the still spinning world.

You are awake and see there has just been an accident. A man is slumped over the steering wheel of a crumpled VW Passat. There is a red Ford Focus just like yours, upside down, straddled across the concrete bollards.

The driver of the Ford is clearly dead.

Copyright © Stuart Danton 2011


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