A Moment’s Slip

There is no rational explanation for what we say has happened to us, so they say we must be irrational. “Lock them up and throw away the key” they said.

And so it has been, for many centuries.

But in the 1980’s one of us became a senior minister in the British government, and helped introduce the policy called “Care in the Community”. We were then free to roam the streets again, and of course again meet with our Mentors.

There are scientists, much more intelligent than I am, who hold with theories that explain cosmology using what I believe they call a “String Theory” and explain that there might be as many as 11 dimensions. My Mentor informs me they whilst they are wrong in many ways, they are correct that there are indeed multiple parallel universes. For starters our two.

She explains that is one of the reasons why we cannot account for all the matter in our universe.

So we coexist, but in multiple sets of different dimensions. We can and will learn to travel between these dimensions (just as she does) and understand that the “Big Bang” was not the creation of our universe merely a transition between universes.

You are right to ask me why I was locked up in the first place. It was 1966 and I was at University studying Physics.

The lecture on solid state physics had left me cold, Dr Parsons was explain tunnel diodes or something and I had started to drift off.

She was sitting beside me but I had not noticed her before. She was different looking, yet definitely fitted in with me and my fellow students. She was about my age (I was 19 at the time). Thing is she is still the same age as she was though I am now 64. She calls herself Carole in this dimension.

She has come into my life so many times since then, always guiding me through life’s guessing game with her words of wisdom, though I admit she has helped get me into trouble too often. For example it was taking her advice about getting married that got me committed in the first place.

Jenny and I met soon after Carole entered my life. We had a relationship which would now be called “open” although in the 60’s we called it free love.

Carole had explained time to me. I understood her explanation no better than I had understood what Dr Parsons was lecturing us about on the day we met. Nevertheless this is how it works.

Carole is a student at what we would call a redbrick university. She is studying time travel and is in her 8th and final semester. I am her project. She is to mentor me throughout my life until my death next week. She must complete this before her final semester to achieve her accreditation.

The other students have similar tasks (including the one looking after the government minister I mentioned before). Apparently Carole’s course has been running for over 20 years and preceding students have looked after many human generations.

Jenny had me committed when I told her about Carole and her fellow students. I understand retrospectively why Carole suggested I keep this to myself. But I did feel that I owed it to Jenny to explain my frequent outages.

It all came to a head in 1973 when Carole told me that I was going to have a daughter in 7 months’ time and Jenny is carrying the child though she is not the mother. I was of course excited about this even if I had not quite understood it. It was then I blurted this out to Jenny.

I was sent to see a psychiatrist who with Jenny’s assistance had me “volunteer” as a patient in Nine Mile Clinic.

My daughter Frances was indeed born whilst I was being cared for by NMC, and Jenny gave her up for adoption at 5 weeks old just before she filed for our divorce.

Now Frankie is my carer and she has met Carole on two occasions. The resemblance is uncanny. Frankie does not believe I am irrational, even though I have told her that on my death she is to inherit a fortune courtesy of a lottery ticket I am to buy next week.

Of course I cannot myself benefit from things I have knowledge of in the future but Frankie can. So sad I will not be around to enjoy it with her.

Copyright © Stuart Danton 2011


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