The Day Time Travelled

Time plodded along not wasting a single second.

Ahead is the same old thing, she thought, and as she did it happened. She stood still for just a moment.

For the first time since the birth of Time she was no longer progressing endlessly in that direction. She looked around herself.

There, right behind her, was History. As usual he was looking backwards mulling over the things that had happened. He couldn’t help it. Whatever he did the witnesses described things differently. But then they would as they saw their own image of History and from their own singular perspectives.

Now was stunned. He could not believe that Time was standing so still. Certainly he had seen Time’s pace vary. Waiting for the end of his working day Time definitely was moving slowly, yet on his annual holiday Now would see his week flash by, barely giving him the opportunity to recover.

Now was becoming bored. What a moment for Time to have chosen to stand still, not whilst he was on a train journey he thought.

Future herself was waiting in the sidelines ready to make her own appearance. She couldn’t make her move as the cue was just not coming. The same was true for her stand-in, Alternate-Future (and all their peers).

Time looked around deciding which way to go. “Maybe”, she thought, “maybe I should just stay here for while and just let The-Past catch up with me.

“Or I could move ahead at a slightly different pace and let Things happen in his own way.”

Looking to each side Time saw that she was not alone. There she saw Another-Time-Another-Place, doing her own thing.

That was it. Time decided that she had not been fair to all her colleagues just stopping like this. Dawn must be cross with her.

She decided she must resign from her role after just 30 billion years. She will hand over to her understudy.

So she did, and Second-Time-Around started.

And Time marched off.


Copyright © Stuart Danton 2009


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