Round Robin

I hadn’t been created for my life of crime. I sort of evolved.

Being a superhero had become so “me too” by the 2020’s, especially here in the metropolis.

Just like the other half billion of earth’s inhabitants I fell ill with the swine ‘flu during the 2010 pandemic. I was one of the 83 percent survivors.

The sustained months of chronic fatigue syndrome we H1N1 sufferers were all left with, kept most of us ‘victims’ out of work for several months, and I was forced to resign from my parliamentary seat just before the delayed general election had to be called.

But it was not until June 21st 2011 I realised that the Daily Mail tales of some pandemic survivors becoming “supercharged with superpowers” once the symptoms of the CFS subsided had some validity.

Now we were not actually able to fly, or to become invisible (as an ex MP that would have been a definite advantage)! But some of us developed a variety of combinations of mind reading, transmissive telepathy, telekinesis and extra sensory perception.

Reaching into other peoples’ minds was quite painful at first. We not only felt the emotions of those whose minds we were invading but shared the pain of each other within range of our senses.

Once we learned from each other how to control the pain by limiting the range and focus of our thoughts the power became an ability; and a tool we could use to our mutual and individual benefits.

As I have said already I had fallen off the parliamentary gravy wagon and now sought income. I had been too long away from the movers and shakers to gain any directorships and most of my peer sufferers had fallen equally victims to career development tools.

When I say most, that did leave the rest who were still in influential positions, and that is how the syndicate was formed.

You see, we could “insider-deal” without actually being insiders. So technically what we were doing was perfectly legal. As legal indeed as were my expenses claims as an MP!

Members of the syndicate would attend their perfectly legitimate social events at the club, the golf course, the coffee house pubs, and wine clubs, and there they would listen in to the thoughts of fellow movers and shakers. What they would then do is communicate significant snippets of thoughts to other syndicate members who could immediately take an appropriate action.

My specialisation became the money markets and I was soon purchasing and selling vast fortunes at the thoughtful nod of my fellow profit seekers.

But let me get to the point.

I soon realised that there was a limit to my own needs and desires, and I was beginning to have too much luxury in my life. My weight was soaring and frankly I longed to be just obese again.

So I made my big decision. All my profits beyond my basic needs would go to charity.

So that is it. I steal from the rich and give to the poor.

As my wife says, I am the 21st Century Robin Hood or, as she cheekily refers to me, “Round Robin”.


Copyright © Stuart Danton 2009


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