My Windows 7 Experience

I tend to enjoy playing with the latest software and often volunteer my services to software providers to get my hands on to the latest products.

Microsoft has been very open with this version of Windows after the problems they had following the lack of take up with Vista! So I was amongst the millions who grabbed a copy of the beta of Windows 7 and played with it until it broke.

I was also amongst the first to grab the release candidate issued to the public yesterday.


It was easy to download the ISO image and then to create the installation DVD. Installation was even easier and I had an up and running version of Windows 7 Ultimate running on my PC within an hour of the download.

Everything, except my wireless connection was working from the first running of Windows, so I connected by cable to my router and within moments a new driver for the wireless adapter had installed and I was now able to connect to my secured wireless network.

Windows 7 is swift.

Everything seems to load faster than Vista (though to be fair my Vista installation had slowed down due to the usual history of adding and removing software). Windows 7 also starts up (and closes down) much quicker than Vista.

So far all my Vista applications have installed flawlessly on Windows 7 and they appear to be operating free of hesitation under Windows 7.

Only time will tell whether my initial enthusiasm will be thwarted!


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