A Load of …

Two Americans were talking on the telephone:-

“Hi Bud. I just been reading about this limey, Gordon Brown . Has he replaced Tony Blair?”

“Yup Chuck. He’s the Prime Minister of England.”

“So this Gordon Brown was elected into the job?”

“No. He kinda just took over.”

“But the people must have wanted him as their leader?”

“No, they didn’t get a say in it.”

“But someone must have voted for him at some time?”

“Oh yes, his constituents in Scotland elected him to the House of Commons.”

“So he’s Prime Minister of Scotland too?”

“No, that’s a guy called Alex Salmond”

“Hang on, if Gordon Brown is from Scotland, how come he is only Prime Minister of England?”

“It’s the limey system. Gordon Brown can only make laws for England, not Scotland.”

“So does he make ALL the laws for England then?”

“No, those are made in Brussels.”

“Why did the English vote to have their laws made in Brussels then?”

“They didn’t. They were promised a vote in the Labour manifesto. But it was dropped.”

“What the heck is going on over there Bud. We are talking about the Country that gave us the Magna Carta, saw off the Armada, stood up to Hitler, and invented Parliamentary democracy.”

“How does this Brown get away with it? He must be one helluva popular guy.”

“Oh no Chuck. A recent poll voted Brown as the most unpopular Prime Minister in history. In fact he has already hinted at the name of his successor, a guy called Ed Balls.”

“Sorry Bud, this phone lines breaking up. What was that last word again?”


“Yeah, you’re sure right there pal.”


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