Bill Gates in Heaven

Bill Gates died and went to Heaven.

Saint Peter showed him to his house, a small cottage on a tiny plot in the woods. The closets were full of simple but serviceable clothing, and the kitchen was stocked with the basic needs.

Bill slowly settled into a modest and quiet life in heaven.

One day, Bill was walking in one of Heaven’s many fine parks, when he ran into a man dressed in a fine tailored suit.

“That is a nice suit, my friend,” said Gates. “Where did you get it?”

“Actually,” the man replied, “I was given a hundred of these when I got here. I’ve been treated really well. I got a mansion on a hill overlooking a beautiful lake. I have a huge five-hundred acre estate, a golf course, tennis courts and three Rolls Royce’s.”

“Were you the Pope, or a doctor who healed the sick?” asked Gates.

“No,” said his new friend, “Actually, I was the captain of the Titanic.”

Hearing this made Gates so angry that he immediately stalked off to find St. Peter.

Cornering St. Peter, Bill told him about the man he had just met, saying, “How could you give me a paltry house, while you’re showering new cars, a mansion, and fine suits on the Captain who sank the Titanic?

“I invented the Windows operating system! Why does he deserve better?”

“Yes, we even use Windows here in heaven,” replied Peter, “but the Titanic only crashed once.”


3 thoughts on “Bill Gates in Heaven

  1. Cute.

    A guy goes up to the airline ticket booth to get a flight to New York.
    “I want a flight to New York but, I want this bag to go to Los Angeles and this other bag to Miami.” The clerk replies, “Sorry, sir, I’m afraid our airline can’t do that for you.”
    The man replies, “Why not? You did it the last time I flew to New York.”

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