The Prime Minister was visiting a village in a poor African nation.

Not certain of his welcome, he made a speech full of glowing terms to the natives gathered there.

“I bring you warm greetings from the people of the United Kingdom!” he declared, which was duly translated by the interpreter.

“Kazanga!” cried the natives.

“We wish this beautiful country peace and prosperity!” he continued.

“Kazanga!” yelled the natives, even louder.

“We hope this will be the beginning of many years of mutual friendship and economic benefit to both nations!” he went on.

“Kazanga! Kazanga!” roared the natives.

Later, as the dignitary was being escorted around the village by the chief, he commented, “That seemed to go well. They really do like us Brits, don’t they?”

“Uh, watch where you walk,” said the chief; “don’t step in the kazanga.”



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