We’re Still Standing – Hilda Gibson Land Girl.

The following is a transcript copied from the BBC web site following a wonderful reading by her daughter Stella on the BBC Radio 4 programme PM

Rally round the badge girls,
Welcome it with pride.
Remember those no longer
Walking by our side.

Eighty thousand volunteers
Of independent mind.
No marching, drilling or salutes,
Our roles were well defined.

Hard labour was our remit,
Each working hour to fill.
Livestock, crops and woodland
We nurtured with a will.

We found fresh fields and pastures new
In unfamiliar places.
Young sons of toil called up to arms,
Each man a girl replaces.

Frost bitten toes and fingers,
But wait! We soon will find
A shelley road. If winter comes,
Can spring be far behind?

Our joy was summer sunshine
And red gold autumn days
When leaves fell soft as snowflakes
And stirred the smoky haze.

As years roll by we live our lives,
The girls that time forgot.
We hoped one day someone would say:
“You did well, thanks a lot”.

Now better late then never,
At last we hear the call,
The Cinderella army
Is going to the ball.


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