Picky in Piccadilly

An American Jew was shopping on Piccadilly in London and entered the posh gourmet food store, Fortnum & Mason.

A salesman in a morning coat – with tie and tails – approached him and asked, “May I be of service to you, sir?”

“Yes,” replied the customer, “I’d like a pound of lox.”

“Sorry, sir,” answered the cultured salesman, “Do you mean ‘smoked salmon’?

“Okay, a pound of smoked salmon.”

“Anything else?”

“Yes, a dozen blintzes.”

“I believe you mean crepes.”

“Okay, a dozen crepes.”

“Anything else?”

“Yes. A pound of chopped liver.”

“You are probably referring to pate.”

“Okay,” said the customer, “a pound of pate, and could you deliver this Saturday?”

“Sorry, sir,” said the salesman, “We don’t schlep chazzerai on Shabbos!”


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