The Dandelion

Its small, yellow head peeks sweetly through the grass, eager to kiss the sun’s golden rays of light. It’s just a weed, a nuisance a pain only, there to annoy. Or is it?

It IS just a weed, with a short, outcast life. But it spends its short life better than most, living only to bring happiness to others.

I don’t think many mothers can honestly say they haven’t smiled upon receiving a weed or two, a small, sweaty, fistful of weeds, clutched sweetly by her small child.

Who can say, they have never made a wish as they blow on its fluffy white head watching each little seed fly away, heavily laden with the blower’s hopes and dreams?

When I look at my yard, the first thing I notice is a spot of golden colour, strewn among the green carpet, here and there, dotting the grass with colour.

My yard reminds me of the world and the people in it.

The masses of people who travel in clumps, each alike, are like the grass. But, the people who walk the Earth, trying to make it a better place to live, remind me of the little yellow flowers.

Ask yourself this:

Are you in a Clump or are you an individual?




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