Body Popping

A blonde was driving home on the motorway after work when she was hit by a hailstorm that left her car completely dented all over.

She decided to go to a body shop and asked the owner how much he would charge to remove the dents.

Seeing that she was a blonde, he winked at his partner, and told her it wouldn’t cost anything if she followed his instructions carefully.

She drove home and when her fellow blonde roommate came out of the house she found her friend sitting on the ground at the back of the car blowing really hard in the exhaust pipe.

“What on earth are you doing” she asked.

Her friend looking up with big smile and a black ring around her mouth said “The man at the body shop told me that I could save a lot of money on repair work if I blew really hard into the exhaust pipe. he said that all the dents would pop out”

“Daaahhh” said her friend, “but first you have to roll up all the windows!”


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