President Bush to Convert to Judaism?

In an effort to overcome the continuing criticism that he is unsupportive, and in fact dismissive of Israel, President Bush, has announced that he is converting to Judaism in the hope that this will demonstrate his affinity and empathy with the Israeli people.

Authorities in the Whitehouse have been unable to handle the many millions of applicants who have already volunteered to be the Mohel.


One thought on “President Bush to Convert to Judaism?

  1. Bush is the biggest anti-semite known to mankind.

    His foreign policy team consisted of only Jews during the first tem, but *right* after he won the second, he got rid of Ari Fleisher, Paul Wolfowitz, etc. He even had Richard Perle accused of having a conflict of business interest for pushing the Iraq war and distanced himself from him.

    Germany is one of the few progressive countries which understand that anti-semitism is the worst crime known to humanity, punishable by prison sentence. For example, the prison sentence for denial of the Holocaust by people like Ernst Zundel has made the difference between “free speech” and blasphemy; there’s a difference between saying whatever you feel like and disrespecting the Jewish people. Can the USA be so behind the times that this law has not yet been amended to the constitution? Germany is also ahead in sustainability and going green. They also make better cars and have a much stronger economy.

    I swear if Bush doesn’t attack Iran before he leaves office, we should consider him an enemy of Israel and be held accountable in a neo-Nuremberg internation trial. Same with Cheney.

    His hate crimes against the Chosen People are not forgotten simply by his fake conversion to judaism. He must pay for endangering Israel by not attacking Iran.

    Besides, that country (Iran) should be nuked for not being democratic and the whole world agrees, such as the most famous politicians across the isle, like Hillary & Mccain.

    Bush doesn’t even acknowledge that Venezuela is also a threat to Israel… do you need any more evidence?

    Americans are sooooooooooo stupid!!! They can’t tell a BIGOT even if it’s their own President.

    May justice be done… and soon. We can’t just sit and wait! Are you sitting there worrying about your little gas prices and weakening economy? That’s nothing compared to Israel being hurt, because it’s so small that it can’t contain a single attack without being oblirerated. USA is much bigger and can withstand much more damage than Israel can.

    America is in danger. If it doesn’t strike Iran to defend Israel, then Israel has a right to defend itself against BOTH America and Iran; you’re either with us or against us. Besides, Israel’s IDF can demolish USAF; don’t be stupid. Only the best minds make it to pilots in the IDF.

    I’m voting for Mccain if Bush doesn’t do it. America has no choice but to do the right thing.


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