The Masters Guide to Prestidigitation

I am giving you this at great personal risk.

As a member of the Circle I made a solemn promise never to publish any of its secrets. However, there comes a time in everybody’s life when a dilemma presents itself and you are faced with an excruciating choice.

Today I have faced this predicament and that is why I am introducing you to The Masters Guide to Prestidigitation.

So here you are. Read it, absorb it, and take the actions you feel appropriate. I can promise that you will not remember it was me who gave it to you and you will never consider discussing it or its contents with me again.


Thank you for acquiring this, your personal copy of ‘The Masters Guide to Prestidigitation.’ This is the first of three special manuscripts – ‘Paret Unus‘.

The guide is personally created for you (and you alone) and you must never disclose its contents to anybody at all (especially your Auntie Miranda).

In order to meet your unique needs you will find a set of magical implements when you open the secret compartments of your grandfather clock.

Carry a wand with you at all times. The wand you see on the coffee table in front of you is yours. You are not left handed so place it in the secret pocket on the right of the buckle of your belt.

Pick it up now.

The thrill you experienced as you picked it up made you drop it. This was the wand learning to be yours, and yours alone. It will not work for any other magician, elf or even a wizard.

To practice using the wand right now you will perform your first trick which is to open a secret compartment of your grandfather clock for the first time.

Pick up the wand; you will not drop it this time.

The first thing to know about when casting a spell is that contrary to what you have always believed it is not necessary to say the spell out loud. The fact is that you must always keep all spells absolutely secret so you must say them with you mind not your mouth.

Not all spells will require the wand, but you will find that using the wand and pointing it end on towards the person or object you are casting the spell upon will help focus the spell at its target. Remember, safety first, never, ever point your wand at yourself.

Now pointing the wand towards the grandfather clock think the words “Aronias Clock Drawers” and you have just cast your first spell. The clock has changed into a chest of drawers. Only you can see this but you must take care not to give away any secrets to anybody, especially Auntie Miranda.

In the top drawer you will see that there are 7 slots marked ‘A’ to ‘G’ and in each there is a wand. The ‘A’ slot is empty because that is the wand you have just been using.

As you learn and master the arts of prestidigitation you will get to use each of the wands for its specialist purpose, but it is the ‘B’ wand that you will be using most of the time. Now take out the ‘B’ wand. The ‘A’ wand you just used has now gone back into the drawer and is in its slot. Some magic, you see does not need you to cast the spell.

Try to open the second drawer. Well done, you have realised you will need to use the wand. The spell you must use is “Baronias Sock Drawer” but before you say it in your mind double check that you are alone in the room. Also resist reacting to what you are about to see – do not cry out.

Now cast the spell.

Well done. There are thousands of different socks all around you now and each pair has different powers. You will know which pair of socks to choose whenever you open this drawer. Pick up your socks now.

Again you have done well. Please wait until all the other socks have returned to the drawer and then put your socks on your feet. The socks you choose each time are your guides and will help your shoes to direct you in the correct direction.

That is enough for now, you are tired – follow your shoes.


You have rested well and have remembered everything I have told you. Today you will find out why you have been chosen and what you will be doing.

Firstly though, you must learn more about time.

The time you see on your clock will now be different from the normal world’s time. Your day has 30 hours not just the 24 hours you have been used to. It is in the extra six hours that magic can happen. Those who are not real magicians cannot be aware of the magic hours but this gives you the time in which to prepare and perform your magical duties as a Prestidigitator.

This way you will never be witnessed doing your tricks. During the magic time non magicians are asleep, but beware, people can hear in their sleep so you must not say any of your spells out loud.

But watch out for Auntie Miranda.

Cast the “Baronias Clock Drawers” spell now at the grandfather clock. Now it is time for you to change your socks.

Well done, you remembered exactly what to do. You are ready for the next stage. Your next spell is the one you must perform each time you have put on a new pair of socks. “Baronias Task Drawer”

Yes that is correct, now take your assignment from the drawer.

Sit down by the drawer, it is now a desk and you must now read the remainder of ‘The Masters Guide to PrestidigitationParet Unus‘.


You now have learned the 30 basic spells and it is time for you to rest. Well done, now follow your shoes.


You have had respite and although you have not remembered everything from Paret Unus you are now in possession of a great amount of magical knowledge and have learned how to do the 30 basic spells you have learned.

You also know why you have been chosen and what you will be doing and I you will not need to be reminded about keeping your knowledge secret. You also know about Auntie Miranda and why you must take extra care with her.

Firstly though, you must learn more about the use of the other wands. This is ‘The Masters Guide to PrestidigitationParet Finos‘ which will tell you everything about each of them.

Using “Aronias Clock Drawers” change the clock into the chest of drawers and observe the wands in slots ‘C’ to ‘G’ in the top drawer. The wand you have just been using has already been returned to the ‘B’ slot.

The remaining wands are each special in their own individual ways.

Before you pick up any of these wands you must be clear in your mind what you plan to use it for by following the directions suggested in the ‘The Masters Guide to PrestidigitationParet Finos‘. Whatever the situation you encounter in your lifetime of Prestidigitation, the spell you need will be found in the tome. Open Paret Finos and it will be on the page that faces you.

Obey the instructions explicitly, you cannot afford an error. And never use any other wand than that you are instructed to use.

Aunt Miranda is on her way. Open the book, it will tell you what to do.

Well done you have chosen the right socks. You are now ready for the final book. Read ‘The Masters Guide to PrestidigitationParet Granos‘ before you lay your head down every night, and you will have a long and happy magical life.

Follow your shoes and join the Circle.

Copyright © Stuart Danton 2007


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