The Black Hole of CERN

After years of development the world’s largest particle accelerator was at last to be switched on at full power.

Scientists from all round the world had collected together for this great moment.

Development of the accelerator had been held back for so long. The project had been cancelled three times because of the ever growing costs, but the theoreticians needed to conduct the experiment if they were finally prove Einstein was wrong after all.

E=MC2 everybody knows that.

Old father time was doing his job, the same job he had been doing for an eternity.

As the great machine powered up atomic particles circled round at a fast growing pace.

Faster and faster and then it happened.

A plasma suddenly materialised in the accelerator at CERN, and spontaneously small black hole came into existence.

Time stood still.

He couldn’t move.

All the light in the universe instantly sped up and rushed towards the central black hole at the core of space.

All energy was absorbed in an instant and a white hole spontaneously materialised.

A huge wormhole opened up, there was a big bang and a new universe was created.

Time set out on his job all over again.

Copyright © Stuart Danton 2007


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