The Cubicle

Entering the cubicle is an act of faith.By the end of the 21st Century the population of planet earth was again approaching sixteen billion, despite the depopulation of the Middle East after the World Wars of 2009 to 2011 and 2070 to 2071.The world government now had to do something drastic and after the events of Mayday 2199 the choices had become limited.

Only we select few knew what happened to a family unit after they entered the cubicle, though there were as many theories as there were Soda Houses.

The favourite theory was that entire families were vaporised. There were inevitable recollections of the Holocaust of the Second World War and people just would not believe the politicians’ assurances to the contrary.

But there was no argument that once the doors of a Cubicle closed after a family went through them, no witnesses had ever seen anybody emerge. And as the cubicles floated freely clearly unconnected to any form of exhaust the only conclusion was they had been, well, disappeared.

There were other ideas such as the bodies being dismantled and the spare parts used by the transplant surgeons. But of course these theories struggled with the fact that nothing appeared to be inside the cubicles afterwards.

To be honest in the early versions of the cubicles there was debris afterwards, but fine tuning of the transponders eliminated that.

Even as the Chief Cubicle Engineer I will be anxious in eight months time when it comes to my family’s turn to enter our cubicle.

You see a lot of the theories were correct, in fact all the theories could be said to be correct.

On entering their cubicle a family’s DNA profile is taken and analysed by the central processor in Dublin. The decision having been made, the cubicle is programmed to despatch the family members to their selected destinations.

For one billion people this was to be good news, for the rest it meant either oblivion or transportation to the new planet.

The two hundred million going to the new planet are being selected on the basis of their potential to succeed in the creation and potential survival on the newly formed planet now circling the sun.

Oblivion therefore is the most obvious outcome for over ninety percent of the citizens entering the cubicles.

None of us, not even the politicians, have had a say in the selection algorithm. That was given to us by God in whom we trust.

I do not know if I or any of my family members will be selected to remain on earth or to be part of the new planet’s population. Will I see any of them again?

The odds are against us.

The process overall will take 18 months until completion and 9 months have successfully gone by. Once all families have passed through their cubicles the planet is to be sterilised to rid itself of the Mayday Toxins and the remaining radiation from the Third World War will be disposed of.

There will be pockets of individuals who will have successfully avoided entering the cubicles, however, they will inevitably perish during the sterilisation process.

The billion earth “survivors” are being placed in a stasis field away from the planet. In terms of elapsed time they will be there for six years though they will not be aware of any time having elapsed.

As far as they are concerned they will find themselves suddenly back on earth albeit relocated to different accommodation worldwide.

The two hundred million new planeteers will find themselves ready to go to work on building the new planet immediately after they are processed by the cubicles.

Hospitals on both planets will find all the spare parts they require for all sorts of transplant surgery and with the eradication of much disease and total elimination of poverty any individual may then have a doubled life expectancy.

Most flora on earth will survive the sterilisation process as will all sea creatures. There will be some loss of mammals, reptiles and insect life but sufficient numbers of each major species will survive (we are assured).

The survivors on both planets will be briefed as will I if I am selected to survive.

I, of course, have been part of the team that prepared the brief although I was not involved in the new earth accommodation allocation project.

Things have gone to plan and my wait is now nearly over. We are having a family party to say our farewells as have hundreds of millions of families before us.

All thirty four of us are entering the cubicle.

Thank goodness for the drugs we have been given.

I feel calm and ready to accept my fate.

Here we go.

Copyright © Stuart Danton 2007


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