Wantasee Scenery Inc

“And that ladies and gentlemen is our new Wantasee Scenery product and that is why we created Wantasee Scenery Inc.I am sure that you all have questions so please take the opportunity to ask our experts any questions you like about the products, you opinions are very important to us?”

Wantasee Scenery had now completed the presentation of their new and revolutionary range of plasma landscape products.

Six months ago the co-founder of WSI, Sir Michael Dukes, had come home from three weeks in his villa in the Maldives. The entire family vacation had been dominated by the dramatic change in the landscape around the complex since he and his family were last there together at the resort just one year before.

Where there had been a pleasing peninsula dropping down to the ocean sheltered by palm trees, now stood a cement works. Whilst it was far enough away not to pollute the air with noise or cement dust, it certainly did pollute the view.

Sir Michael had been the financier of MSI’s development of the fluid state plasma array televisions that had replaced the old LCD and Plasma TVs of the 2010’s.

Now almost every home could have 2D or 3D television in any room and the MSI plasma wall murals were now being seen in some even modest homes. People would choose the décor to suit the mood and an enormous secondary market had grown in programmable scenery software.

Though the new product concept was merely an extension to a larger scale of the now standard MSI fluid state technology Sir Michael and his fellow Board Members concluded that this should be separate business and Wantasee Scenery was Incorporated.

When he had put his dilemma to the Research and Development lads at MSI they came up with a mock up that had demonstrated that the MSI technology was indeed scalable.

And so from now on an environmentally astute company need never again need to be turned down for planning permission.

All that is required is for a time lapsed holographic record of the scenery to be preserved to be taken before construction of, let’s say a cement works. The plasma displays would be strategically positioned and the hologram displayed during construction, after construction, and indeed for ever more.

Cleverer still, if you wanted to change the landscape it could have the holographic image of Manhattan, or any other landscape you choose and so would create a rich secondary market. If you wished to use Manhattan of course you have to obtain and pay for a license from Manhattan to use their view.

Technology costs were moderately high at the moment, but will come down with development.

Sir Michael’s closing statements in his presentation had been supported by the new system replacing the backdrop of the auditorium with a street of shops in Prague.

The audience’s reaction was initially that of awe and amazement – the visual transition had been seamless.

The first voice from the audience was Stewart’s.

“Sir Michael, Stewart Tite of the New York and London Times. I would like to congratulate you on the presentation and demonstration of the Wantasee Scenery product.

“I believe I can speak for everybody assembled here that what you have demonstrated here is truly the most innovative use of technology of the 2020’s so far.

“May I ask what do you see when you are the other side of the screens, say when you are a worker at the cement plant?”

“Thank you, Stewart. I am not the least surprised that you ask me that question!

“You will see exactly the same image as people on the other side of the screen, albeit from a mirrored perspective. In that respect those workers will have an artificial view.”

Joanna White who used to be the Assistant Editor of “Flying High” Magazine, and who now works for the Federal Aviation Authority as their PR Director asked an intriguing question.

“If I were flying an aircraft over an area using the new system how certain cold I be that what I see on the ground is in fact what is there?

“Just imagine the consequences of a customer of yours who owned a scrap yard chose to show an airport runway?”

“What an excellent question Miss White. All WSI scenery must be licensed before use and scenery cannot be displayed unless a valid license is detected.

Many more questions were asked and the majority of the audience, including some arch sceptics agreed that this was indeed an innovative and valuable new product.

In the months that followed WSI, as they were now known, successfully completed development of the product.

And today is the grand switch on in New York to return the image of the World Trade Center Towers to the skyline of Manhattan.

Copyright © Stuart Danton 2007


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