Cave is Latin and it means “Beware” and if I remember right is pronounced “carvay”. Of course if you are an Australian, and there are reasons to suspect you may be, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds may spring to mind.

But caves are more normally associated with geological formations, openings at sides of hills, or naturally formed voids or spaces underground where rock or soil has been eroded due to water flow or subsidence.

The truest definition of cave is that no daylight is able to enter, it is enterable by man but far enough underground for natural sunlight not to seep through.

In some parts of the world people still live in caves, often carved out of chalk hills, with rooms, even plumbing and electrically powered.

My friend Dave is an Astronomer and takes excellent photographs of the planets, the moon and in particular the sun.

This is a prime example of his work showing sunspot activity on the morning of May 16th 2007.

What his attention was drawn to was the scary, humanoid face formed by sunspots and flares.

But I am talking here about caves.

Suppose, just suppose, what we are looking at here are cave entrances on the surface of the sun (though according to the definition above there would be natural sunlight in abundance).

Perhaps what we have glimpsed here is Big Brother watching us, or maybe it is God.

So I return to the Latin quoted above.



Copyright © Stuart Danton 2007


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