Ellerman Bombs

As every schoolboy now knows that the Xetons use Ellerman Bombs to maintain our sun in its correct orbit around the Xeton Kernel.According to the Official Edubook “Rise and Fall of United States of America 1776 to 2032”, Ellerman Bombs were first observed by Ferdinand Ellerman at the 60′ Solar Tower on Mt. Wilson back in 1915.

What he observed was short lived filaments showing the release traces of hydrogen ions used for the micro-propulsion of the sun though he did not know it then nor would we understand their function for another 102 years.

The same Edubook gives a full political history of the 57 United States of America prior to its incorporation into the MexiCanada Continent Compact in 2031.

As the new US President in 2016 the Democrat, Patrick Joseph Kennedy tried to emulate the former President Kennedy by reviving the Space Race. Until he was told about the Xetons.

Now, twenty years on, we all know how important the Xetons are to us, indeed how important we are to the Xetons and the consequences of our misappropriation of the Ellerman Bombs was in 2021, four years after we thought we understood them!

MexiCanada is at loggerheads with the Three As (Austra-Asians and Africas) and the Earth Union talks have ceased. But what does it matter? Now the sun is off course, and out of touch with the necessary Xeton Kernel orbit. The Xetons are in crisis and in trouble with God.

By 2070 the glacier formation will have progressed to the Tropical latitudes and the sun will be over 100 million miles from earth.

But we were right, the Ellerman Bombs really did solve global warming.

Copyright © Stuart Danton 2007


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