The dark side of the moon

Three billion years ago, when the earth was still being terraformed by the Xeons, the scientists determined that the planet would be fuelled by hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and sunlight.

To store the two key fuels the simplest way was to keep it as a compound, water in its frozen state of ice.

For insulation an atmosphere of nitrogen was placed around the planet.

After several experimental failures the Xeons succeeded in creating a basic, carbon based life form. It was dark in colour and would be recognised today only as slime.

But this was the long awaited breakthrough.

The decision to move the planet closer to its star was made, and the four hundred year task was undertaken.

Nuclear rockets were deployed to move the planet to within 100 million miles of the sun.

Once this had been completed a number of things changed and were changed.

To return the planet to a fixed orbit, and prevent it steadily moving closer to the sun a large amount of the earth was separated off and a satellite created to orbit the planet.

This object, which of course we refer to as the moon, performs a number of functions.

Once the Xeons had succeeded in the planet’s relocation the terraforming continued at speed.

The scientists recognised that at its new orbit it was being bombarded by radiation from the sun. But as the planet warmed up it was noticed that the earth’s core had become more active. It may have been due to the nuclear rockets but this activity was both tumultuous and beneficial to the experiment.

The earth’s orbit was slightly tilted towards the sun so that once the atmosphere was formed, there would be seasons.

The ice that had formed all over the earth’s surface started to thaw, partly due to the volcanic activity, partly because of heat from the sun.

At the two extremes of the planet the ice did not thaw completely. At these points too a magnetic field had formed passing through the planet’s centre.

It was noted by the Xeons that at these poles much of the particular radiation from the sun was attracted which protected the bulk of the planet. If only they had done this on their home planet they thought.

The Xeons concentrated their biological experimentation at the central regions of the planet and seeded the waters with DNA loaded viruses and bacteria from the home planet.

This time the slimes developed into single cell then multiple cell life forms which soon populated the seas.

The gravitational pull of the moon juxtaposing that of the sun caused a churning effect on the planet’s waters which stirred this primeval soup. To the pleasure of the Xeon scientists the first recognisable life forms were to be found on the new planet.

Meanwhile there was a thick solid crust being formed beneath the seas and with time great swathes of dry surface appeared through the waters. In the midst of certain parts of this land great bubbling volcanoes started to appear and the inert atmosphere became darkened with dust for months on end.

The air movements increased and water that had evaporated from the now apparent oceans fell back to earth helping the dust thrown up to be brought back down to the ground.

But where it landed little bits of life that had been sea borne were also washed down and some managed to survive on the land. Using the sunlight some of these became a primitive grass.

Steadily the atmosphere began to change and more types of life evolved both in the sea and on the new land.

There were lots of wind and rain storms all over the world and the lightning even caused new forms of life to be created.

The world became more turbulent, for a while and the Xeons feared it might be out of control.

On their planet the Xeons were aware of forty or so thousand forms of life yet here on this planet they had already observed nearly ten times that many species.

The greatest surprise to the Xeons was the trees. On the home planet there were just two types of tree yet here they had created tens of dozens of varieties. Was it because of the gravity difference they wondered.

But the atmosphere was forming so well.

Already there was oxygen and Carbon Dioxide alongside the nitrogen and the creatures that were forming used this atmosphere and exhaled carbon dioxide and methane. The plants for their part used the carbon dioxide and exhaled oxygen. It was so well balanced.

The scientists concluded their work was done and they would come back when any species developed any form of intelligence.

The Xeons set up a base on the side of the moon facing away from the earth where it would be cool enough for them to live without radiation suits, and they would fly regular missions to the new planet to check progress.

Just ten thousand years ago the first creatures on the planet that showed signs of intelligence were spotted in the continent we now call Africa.

These creatures used tools. Not in the same way as the birds did, to crack nuts, but to hunt down and kill lesser breeds and they ate them cooked with fire.

The creatures were watched for the following century and the decision to intervene was taken. Shaped blocks were regularly left for them as were axes, string and cloth.

For the next sixty or so years not much happened but another similar tribe became apparent in the very North of the continent.

Both tribes were ground living and used their hands for tools. Because they had a need to use their hands they developed the ability to get around on just their hind legs. The two tribes met each other as they wandered around the countryside and it was then that they interbred.

From that generation onwards they started using the blocks and other materials to build themselves shelter, and they stopped using animal skins for body protection and started to make use of the cloth and string and some finer strands they found.

The population grew swiftly and tribes split into more and more groups as they migrated slowly across the lands.

To speed things up and to experiment somewhat some of the tribes were transported to the now fully formed continents and allowed to develop in these places with the minimum of interventions.

Some experiments went wrong and the populations dwindled. One incident nearly wiped out all the species as a virus was accidentally introduced by the Xeons. Fortunately the immune systems of these early humans was mature enough to cope with the virus and enough immunity was built up to the herpes virus for it to stop killing its hosts.

Two thousand years ago there had to be a further major intervention.

What were now the human race had grown hugely intelligent.

They learned to communicate using several means using sound as they key tool. Using their newly discovered voices they developed from grunts to a rudimentary language.

This language developed completely differently and at different times with each of the placed tribes across the continents. But using their developing abilities the tribes thrived.

Some of the tribes learned to collaborate and their language became more sophisticated as they communicated their needs. Meanwhile some of the tribes fought with each other, even killing each other fearing the competition.

They had learned emotions, unfortunately greed and jealously alongside love and companionship.

But it was to be the survival of the fittest that commanded success.

Around two thousand years ago the most successful of the tribes inhabited the Middle East.

It was time to introduce the concept of the God of all the worlds. As on Xeon the Lord God.

But unlike on Xeon the concept of the single God became confused with the tribes on earth, and each tribe re-invented their own God, in name the same but they became idealised to match their own tribes’ needs.

The Jewish tribe in the Middle East seemed to have the best concept of the God model so a special agent in Human form was sent to help.

This person was the first cross bread between the Xeons and the Humans and was born to a female known as Miriam. The baby known as Jesus of Nazareth, later as Jesus Christ seemed to succeed but at thirty three years was betrayed and executed.

But bewilderingly his name lived on and a worldwide religion based on his incomplete teachings became dominant over the next thousand or so years.

Unfortunately, far from creating the stability the Xeons had expected, the Jesus Christ introduction became the basis of any number of wars between the nations worldwide, century upon century.

In the 20th century a man called Adolph Hitler gained extraordinary power. His was human, but behaved like he was anything but human. His power of influence over others was hypnotic and nothing the Xeons could do would stop his progress. His armies fought wars across the world and attempted to dominate through physical and psychological means.

The Xeons at this point concluded that the whole experiment had gone horribly wrong.

They decided to accelerate human development into the Atomic Age and allow great scientists to discover nuclear power.

The risk was horrible because the consequence could either be the nuclear destruction of the world or the development of nuclear power for peaceful use as it was intended.

The greatest fear was that Adolf Hitler would gain this power, but the Xeons chose members of the Jewish race to develop this knowledge as he particularly hated Jews and he had either banished them or had them killed.

As he was by no means the most intelligent man in the world this strategy worked.

That war came to an end without the use of nuclear weapons en masse but nuclear weapons were used on a country called Japan who had joined with Hitlers Germany and its allies against many countries from the rest of the world.

After this war an uneasy peace broke out with the fear of nuclear war itself acting as the peacemaker.

But lately the Xeons have been pondering the greatest ever dilemma with the earth experiment. To allow the humans to destroy the earth or intervene?

Not surprise but an intervention is under way.

The earth is about to suffer a major natural calamity.

The first phase of global warming is already underway. Sorry humans this is just to deflect you from the real course of events.

Fossil fuels will run out in the next two centuries. Meanwhile your need for power will continue to grow along with the food needs of your exploding population.

There will be a new round of seismic activity and there will be a number of worldwide disasters arising from new volcanic activity and tsunamis.

What will follow is a new Ice Age which will confine the now shrinking world population between the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer.

You will resort to nuclear and hydrogen power to service the populations power needs but there will be careless accidents arising from your haste.

The human population will be reduced to under 1 billion before the icebergs migrate back towards the poles by the twenty third century.

The Xeons will send you a new leader who you will listen to and as a consequence a new and successful world order will arise.

At least that is what we hope because time is running out for our planet too.



Copyright © Stuart Danton 2007





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