Betty’s Travels

I hope, dear reader, you are over 18.

You see what we are about to discover is for mature readers only.

Our heroine, Betty is a time traveller.

Not that time travelling is an over 18 subject – many of us have done it from their childhood. It is the mode Betty’s body and mind employed to do her time travelling.

No more waffling, let me cut to the quick as they say.

You see every time Betty had an orgasm she would reach a peak of ecstasy and find herself in another place, in another time, with another man, and, on one occasion with another woman.

Betty stayed a virgin until her sixteenth birthday, June 13th 1992. That day she and her boyfriend Michael had agreed they would take their relationship to a grown up level.

Mum and Dad had organised the party and most of her school friends joined her and her brother and sister and cousins at the Saturday party.

After the party finished Betty took a bottle of Chablis her mother had been drinking from and she and Mike went off to her bedroom, shut the door and started to kiss.

Betty was very excited and Mike, who had done some experimentation with other girls, knew just what he had to do this time.

Mike was very tender with her, he kissed her and she kissed him back. He gently touched her on her breasts and she willingly removed her top. She felt her body start to react and she wanted more.

They were soon naked and she started to shiver with excitement. As Mike was preparing to take her virginity and was just seconds away from making it happen Betty disappeared.

From Mike’s point of view this was the greatest catastrophe of his 17 year old life, not least because he was about to lose his virginity and he didn’t, but how the hell was he going to explain what happened and who would actually believe him.

Mike’s trial for murder was inescapable. They of course never found a body, but Betty and Mike had been seen going off together and he had told his “best mate” Dan that he was going to bed Betty that night.

The Daily Mail, amongst other newspapers, made a big story around Betty Smith’s disappearance and Michael Beale’s trial.

Michael Beale was eventually found not guilty through a lack of evidence.

Betty, of course was still very much alive.

The Daily Chronicle of 16th May 1966 picked up the story too under the Mystery Girl headline.

“A mystery girl has been found asleep on a bench in Green Park in London.

“Between fifteen and eighteen years old, Jane Green as she has been temporarily named by the Metropolitan Police had no idea who she is or where she came from.

“She will be taken into the care of the Lambeth Local Authority once she has been declared fit after her medical examination at The Saint Augustine Hospital.

“Sergeant Sarah Miles on behalf of the Metropolitan Police said that this is an unusual case which we will be following up over the next few months as hopefully Miss Green’s memory recovers.”

But Jane Green, or as we knew her Betty Smith would never recall anything of her former life.

So our Jane set off on her new life. Unfortunately for her it was the “permissive sixties” and she was at a perfect stage in life to experiment with her sexuality.

But whenever she was with a man she found that as the moments of passion would come an inner message would flash into her conscious mind and she would feel inhibited and would not allow her companion or herself the pleasure.

And so it was like this throughout the 1960s.

However, in 1971 she started to go out with Joseph Rowntree. He was a thirty three year old doctor who she had met two years before at a psychiatric clinic. He had taken a personal interest in her case and in her. The difference she had found with him was that there were no preconceptions of having sexual activity and he genuinely was interested in her.

After a year of dating he proposed marriage and Jane accepted. The wedding was picked up by the newspapers who had spotted who she was when the announcement was made in The Daily Telegraph by Dr and Mrs Rowntree, Joseph’s parents.

The wedding took place June 16th 1973.

To avoid any pressure on Jane, Joseph sensibly suggested they should not make love until they were on the honeymoon which he had booked on the Isle of Wight.

The wedding was wonderful and Jane, her friends and the friends and family of the Rowntrees all had an enjoyable time and very much welcomed Jane into their family.

The house in Rickmansworth would be ready for them to move into onj their return from honeymoon.

The next day Jane and Joseph Rowntree set off to Southampton, got onto the Cowes Ferry and arrived on the Isle of Wight.

There they drove to the honeymoon hotel, booked in and settled in the room for the night.

They started to make love for the very first time and she was very happy.

And then she was gone.

Not surprisingly Joseph was in a state of shock.

Jane woke up with a start. She sat up in the hospital bed and took a look around.

There was a television on in the ward and the newscaster was announcing that the FTSE had just reached the highest levels in six years. The Prime Minister was still not announcing when he would hand over power to Gordon Brown.

It was April 27th 2007.

Nurse Judy Gibbons was looking after her.

“Hi, welcome back.

“Do you know where you are?”

“I appear to be in hospital, what happened?”

“You were seen wandering around Macclesfield yesterday. You apparently passed out on Cheapside. The ambulance brought you here and you have been sleeping ever since.”

“Now what is your name?”

After a few moments silence “I think my name is Betty, but that doesn’t feel right somehow. But I am sure my name is Betty Jane.”

“Good, where do you live?”

“I can’t remember.”

“OK. You had better rest now, the doctor will be along shortly.”

Doctor Michael Beale introduced himself a few minutes later.

When he first looked into Betty’s eyes there was very little recognition of what had been his first love.

And then the penny dropped.

She recognised him too and the old emotions cut in again and she was gone.

Fortunately for Michael this time Judy had witnessed the disappearance.

Betty woke up next to a blond this time. A blond lady of a similar age to herself. Heather, as she was called had found Betty wandering around in Canal Street, Manchester and had taken Betty home with her late yesterday evening.

Betty had no recollection of the meeting or what had happened. Heather kissed Betty and got up to make them a cup of coffee.

Betty was beginning to realise what was happening and put the TV on. It was 1999 and all the talk was about the year 2000 problem.

Heather was a computer programmer she told Betty and had made a good amount of money fixing computer programs for all these firms having fears about the switch over from 1999 to 2000.

Her job was in “Time Travel” where they took the entire computer operation of a firm and ran it on another identical computer. It was called “Time travel” because they altered the computers date from the real date to December 31st 1999 and then let the computer programs run for a week or so until their built in clocks thought they were well into January 2000.

Betty was amused by this because she had finally worked out what kept happening to her.

Betty apologised to Heather and explained that she was not a lesbian and tried to explain what had led to her being in Canal Street the previous evening.

Heather was fascinated by this and thoughtfully offered Betty to stay with her until she had sorted things out.

One month later Betty was still staying with Heather.

They saw the New Millennium in with each other at a party on Canal Street and when they came back to the flat it finally dawned on Betty that she was attracted to Heather.

When Betty woke up it was Christmas 1979 and she was in Rickmansworth.

Joseph Rowntree had lived his lonely life in the house in Rickmansworth ever since Jane had disappeared on him six and a half years ago.

That Christmas Day he came down to the kitchen and there was Jane looking like months had passed not years. He had gone grey and his hair was thinning but she recognised him at once.

Since their honeymoon was brought to such an abrupt end Joseph Rowntree had spent all his spare time researching time travel syndrome.

Much to his surprise there were over a dozen similar cases recorded since 1959 when it had first been observed. NASA had even had a joint project with the USSR to see if they could exploit the phenomenon.

In two cases a temporal lobe operation had been performed and in both cases it the patients had shown no further time displacement in the two years since their operations took place in Paris and Cambridge.

Betty now had a clearer picture of what had been happening to her.

She and Joseph spent all Christmas Day talking about her experiences, and his research.

They agreed that they would go to Paris and seek the operation but until then they would not take the risk of being intimate.

The operation took place 3rd February 1980 and I can confirm that Betty’s travels through time are moving in just the one conventional direction.

And now in May 2007 twenty seven years after the operation Joseph and Jane Rowntree and their daughter Betty, are about to meet a very confused Michael Beale.

And like yourself I really believe that Michael will soon fall in love with Betty Rowntree. I just hope she has not inherited her mother’s problem.



Copyright © Stuart Danton 2007




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