Gorgeous Lilas

Lilas Jacobs was a very good looking woman. Tall and elegant with legs up to here. Her red hair was natural and every man she ever met wanted to prove it.
As she got older she realised that her days travelling had to come to an end and she needed a career. So at 29 she got herself a job as a carer in a psychiatric hospital.

She liked her work at Friars Palace and after her first year decided this was her lifetime vocation.

She would have one more month long trip to Canada, go to Toronto to see her school friends and then travel to Calgary. She bought her plane ticket and would travel in three days time.

She had not yet told them at work, she would do that tomorrow. She knew they would not let her go just like that and frankly she would almost certainly lose her job. But she was confident in herself and felt she would find a similar job with ease on her return.

She was seeing a man who also worked at the hospital. This was frankly a good time to make a break from him. He was nice enough but just too intense.

Lilas decided that she would tell him this very evening when they met for dinner at his place.

She told Miles her news as they were finishing their pizza.

He went quiet and stayed quiet for the rest of the evening.

Lilas decided that she would not stay overnight and Miles offered to drive her back to her flat. She refused politely, she wanted some fresh air and the half mile walk along the canal would clear her head.

She kissed Miles goodbye and set off. She never made it home.

Seated on a bench by the canal side Lilas was thinking about the evening. She was missing Miles’ company, perhaps she should go back and spend a last night with him.

At that moment a hand pushed itself against her face.

She panicked and struggled against the force of the hand and the unseen man pressing his body behind her. She fell to the ground and momentarily the hand let go as her head crashed into a concrete slab.

As she lost consciousness she saw Miles’ face for the last time.

With a splash of water her life ended and she sank three feet into the sludge at the bottom of the canal where she was to remain for the next three days.

Miles was ashamed of himself. Not so much for killing the first woman he had loved since he was born 48 years ago, but for what he did to cover his tracks.

He went into work the next day handing in a letter “written by Lilas” resigning from her job. He had gone to her flat and found her writing paper as well as the tickets to Canada.

Having destroyed the tickets he concocted a cunning plan. He would spend the next two days at her flat as if he were living with her.

He would hand in her notice “on her behalf” and then distraught ask for time off work to get over his girlfriend leaving him to travel. Whilst he was off sick he would take some barbiturates and leave a suicide note blaming her leaving him to travel in Canada for his depression. He had got rid of the tickets so that it would appear she had gone, her credit card statements would make it clear to her family she had tickets to travel.

But it all went wrong. He really did die from the overdose – he did not realise he had an underlying condition and hence the note from him requesting as a living will not to resuscitate him.

Miles had not realised that Lilas had discussed her plans with her sister Kathryn. At coffee Kathryn had used her telepathic powers to read her sister’s mind. Lilas realised her sister understood her dilemma and explained in detail what her Canada and career plans were about, how she would end things with Miles and get away.

When Miles attacked her though Kathryn got a flash of what had happened. Lilas was in trouble, Kathryn was sure, but she could no longer get anything from Lilas.

When she heard that Miles was in hospital she went to visit him. He was physically unconscious, however, his mind was open. He had killed her sister and was clinging onto life himself right now. The bastard had to die.

Kathryn handed the medical staff a letter.

“To whom It May Concern. I Miles Arthur Farley hereby request that in the event of serious illness and my loss of ability to communicate, that this letter serve as a Living Will. I hereby request that no attempt be made to resuscitate me. ”

“And now I am a cat.” Said Twinkle.

Copyright © Stuart Danton 2007


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